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Home Lifts NSW fits Australian designed and factory made lifts by Residential Lift. Residential Lift is 100% owned and operated by Peter and Rosemary. The Residential Lift business began In June 2004 when the first concept lift was functioning in Peter and Rosemary’s home in Lenah Valley. Shortly after, the design was certified by SEMF and accepted by Workplace Standards Tasmania. Subsequently, it was successfully granted a patent for its unique design which lessens the impact on the building as well as reducing the footprint of the lift.

Meanwhile, Peter and Rosemary have continued setting up their first business together – of commercial nature – with Peter taking on a production manager role, Rosemary as a sales manager.  Together, they have now sold and installed over 200 lifts within Tasmania alone. They’ve also now started expanding throughout Australia and New Zealand including through Home Lifts in NSW.

During this time, the lift has proven to be a dependable and maintenance free option to second storey living for those with mobility aids. Home Lifts NSW is dedicated to high customer satisfaction and quality customer service.

Peter and Rosemary are excited for the road ahead, whilst still developing ideas and new models to meet the ever changing and demanding market.